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2005 Yang-Ching Hao 楊慶號 Yunnan Yi Wu Harvesting Trip

Found a photo album that was sent from the owner of Yang-Ching Hao 楊慶號, Mr. Yang Shi-Nan, of his 2005 harvesting trip in Yi-Wu region of Yunnan. Mr. Yang had started traveled to Yunnan to monitor and purchase the raw leaves to make his Yang-Ching Hao cakes since 2004. In 2005, the year my first daughter Yuan Yuan was born, I started to search for premium pu-erh teas to buy and save as Yuan’s “birthday tea”, or you can say as Nu Er Cha 女兒茶. That was when I got into know Yang-Ching Hao and Xi-Zhi Hao – and ended loving both to offer on Hou De and save some as Yuan’s Birthday Tea!

2005 Yang-Ching Hao 楊慶號 Yunnan Trip

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