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Books that I use for Pu-erh Identification and Research

Want to share with you several common books that I frequently use to identify and cross-checking the vintage and producer of each puerh tea with our own purchase or storage records.
Top row from left to right:

  • Xi-Zhi Hao Yearbook 2005 to 2010, San Ho Tang
  • A Complete Collection Guide of Meng Hai Factory 1994 – 2007, WuShing Publication
  • New Born Pu-erh Tea Yearbook 1998 ~ 2003, WuShing Publication
  • New Born Pu-erh Yearbook 2004, WuShing Publication
  • Pu-erh Xin Yun, Tang Ren Publication

Bottom row from left to right:

  • Storage of Pu-erh Tea, Mr. Wu Te-Liang
  • Profound World of Chi Tse 1950 ~ 2004, Mr. Chen Jr-Tung, WuShing Publication

We used to carry yearbooks and magazines from WuShing Publication on Hou De, but eventually the shipping cost from Taiwan and to our customers getting too high. It’s quite sad, as the pu-erh information available in US, really anywhere outside SE Asia and China, is seriously anemic.

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