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Opened up an Original Tong of XZH Yin Cakes

Last Friday evening, everything was still good and calm …. Saturday, you started to feel the trembling in the air …. and on Sunday evening, we received almost like an organized attack … all available 2006 Spring Xi-Zhi Hao Taichi Yin cakes were gone! And this was after I had to persude at least two customers not to buy too many – or buy up all – of the Yin cakes. Sweat .. sweat … sweat …

So here I want to share with you the painful task to break open an intact Taichi Yin cake Tong … step by step …

There were two nei fei in between the first and the second cake:

For those of you swooping up the Yin cakes … here is another good news: its price in Asia is like > US$900 a piece, Yin or Yan cake:

27,000 Taiwan Dollar is about US$ 940 in today’s exchange rate. Before shipping.

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