Early 90’s NanJian Tea Factory “Monolid” Phoenix Toucha, uncooked 100g

90年早期 大理南澗茶廠 士林鳳凰 “單眼皮” 油光厚紙 青沱

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You know Pu-Erh collectors/connoisseur can get into crazy details of the wrapper’s paper material, letters, font size, or of the cake’s diameter, shape, curvature, thickness … this early 90’s Phonenix toucha is one cute example.  People found the Phoenix design of the early 90’s batches have two different variations: one with Monolid, and the other with Double-eyelid! I guess one was a typical East Asian phoenix and the other actually flew from the West ^__^

“Profound World of CHI TSE 1950 ~ 2004” gave a most authentic discussion on the variations:

  1. Early 90’s Phoneix toucha had two batches and the Double-eyelid kind was considered the 1st batch and the Monlid the 2nd batch.
  2. Early 90’s Phoneix toucha all used thick yellowish glossy paper as the wrapper material. Later toucha used thinner paper material.
  3. Early 90’s Phoneix toucha had a better print quality on the wrapper than the later toucha.

The book also details the Uncooked Phoenix toucha as such (notice the Phoneix has monolid):

It lists the early 90’s Phoneix toucha in the family of “Popular Mid-Aged Pu-erh Toucha”. Again, it highlights the monolid toucha. From its position on the chart, you know the significance of the early 90’s Phoenix in the whole toucha family:

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