1999 Blue-Ticket Green Big Tree, Thick-papered

1999 藍黑票 特厚棉紙 綠大樹



The most legendary puerh made in 1999, and one can say that really kicked off the whole “old wild tree” puerh hype – 1999 Green Big Tree Blue-ticket thick-papered. Out of the two batches (blue-ticket and red-ticket), the blue one demands the higher (almost double!) price. Why 99 Green Big Tree attracts such a collection craze and price appreciation? I think there are four main factors:

  1. Premium quality
  2. Produced by a highly-respected, big-name factory (here, Meng Hai factory)
  3. Very limited quantity – and shrinking
  4. Very easy to recognize (unique wrapper, ink print “imperfections” and ridiculous big and thick paper)

You can identify a true 99 Green Big Tree blue-ticket from 10m away. The four factors are like the four legs of a table – missing any one the “Collection Value” table would fall.

Blog – The Story of 1999 Green Big Tree an interview


The amazing price appreciation of 99 Green Big Tree blue-ticket can be observed from its auction price between 2017 and 2019:

L&H Auction in Hong Kong 2019: (7 pieces for estimated range USD $ 28,400 – $ 49,000)

L&H Auction in Hong Kong 2017 :  (8 pieces for price included premium USD $28,900)



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