2001 MengKu “Yuan Yieh Xian” of MengSa, Thick-Papered 357g


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A “black horse” rare 2001 semi-wild (old plantations, wildly planted)cake from the Shuang Jiang Meng Ku Factory that is becoming surprisingly pursued in Asia. In “2006 Japan Spring Seminar of Wildly-Planted Pu-erhs”, hosted by Tokyo Hwa-Tai Tea Co. and Pu-erh Teapot Magazine, the participants tasted three such kinds of cakes: 1999 Yi-Chang Hao, 1999 Meng Hai Green Big Tree (black-label), and this 2001 Meng Ku Iron Cake. Out of surprise, this 2001 Meng Ku cake was ranked a very close second only to 1999 Yi-Chang Hao, and won over the almost invincible 1999 Green Big Tree! Below we show the scanned page of a report of this cake in this event:

It was a special order by HK’s Mr. Chen Guo-Yi (who popularized the concept of “dry storage” by his successful 88-Ching Beeng) in 2001. Using single-estate big-tree leaves from the Meng Sa Mountains in southern Yi Wu, this cake was made to the form of “iron cake”. Two batches were produced: one wrapped with thin papers, and the other wrapped with thick papers. The thin-papered batch was a store in the “dry storage” condition, while the thick-papered batch was stored in the traditional HK-style warehouse. The thin-papered cake was used in the 2006 Japan event.

This sale is for a thick-papered cake.

The cake looks solid in shape, but actually loose enough to break by hand. The beautiful and clean-looking surface that emits a soothing woody aroma.

Light-brown-colored liquor with an elegant honey finish. Great clarity. Beautiful woody fragrance blends together with a hearty plum-like fruity aroma. The charming aroma already foretells the coming of something great… and yes, what a soothing, smooth, penetrating, and complex taste it possesses! Holding a sip of the liquor in mouth and breath, and a sensation of mountain cool breeze comes right to me. Very little intensity/tingling feeling is detected around the edge of the tongue. A good lingering aftertaste resonates from very deep in the throat. The unique wrapper and the unique cake shape, plus the fact that it was the first-ever wildly-planted cake that Meng Ku ever produced, give it truly high collectible value.

Each order is 1 cake.

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