2003 (2001?) MengHai “Jian Yun” Simplified Yun, Uncooked 357g


2003 勐海茶廠 檢體雲字 紅大益青餅 357g

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In Nov 2020, I was in a discussion with a dear customer who was interested to see if I have “simplified yun” cake. “Simplified” refers to the letter Yun on the wrapper being in the simplified Chinese font, not the traditional font. I said sure Hou De used to offer a 2001 Simplified Yun MengHai cake with red Tayi. However, when I double-checked against the Yearbook, and I was surprised to find it was listed as a 2003 vintage. Please note Hou De started the business earlier than the Yearbook became available. Anyway, long story short, with several emails back and forth, the customer actually provided links to several places where it is still referred to as a 2001 cake:


2001年 简体云红大益7542



In the end, I still offered him as a 2003 vintage. So, 2001 or 2003? Our offering price assumes the same vintage as quoted in the Yearbook:



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1oz sample, Whole cake


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