2004 Muo Pan Shan “Xian Zhu (Fragrant Bamboo)” Pu-erh, Cooked 2oz


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Production Year: 2003/4

Type: Zhu Tong (Bamboo) cooked loose

Weight: 1000g per piece

Description: A very unusual and limited quantity Xian Zhu Tong Cha (Fragrant Bamboo Cane Pu-erh) that has been in our Houston storage since 2004. A recent tasting to see how it developed brought me such a surprise – a quality that easily matches (if not exceeds) a same vintage MengHai cooked pu-erh! The thickness, warmth and mellowness in its taste and the caramelized aroma – and most significantly, the charming touch of spicy-ness – what a lovely treat!

Each order is 2 oz of the Zhu Tong Cha.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in


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