2005 Ming-Yuan Hao “Yieh Sheng Chiao Mu”, Uncooked 400g


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Harvest/Production Year: 2005

Manufacturer: Chung-Guang Tea Factory

Below was the original description and tasting notes on the old Hou De website:

A fine cake of 2005 offerings from Ming Yuan Hao that has shown decent aging progress as re-visited in 2012.

This cake shows a very enjoyable and elegant approach that features a clean, floral, and sweet profile, with a hint of woody fragrance in the background. The liquor has great clarity, thick texture, and the taste is mellow and smooth. No or very little smokiness in the smell. Nice lingering aftertaste.

After additional 8 years of aging in our Houston storage, I noticed quite a bit of transformation has happened to this cake. The liquor has obviously become more brownish in 2020, still with great clarity. The aroma profile has changed to a more sweet-woody mixture than floral, more clam, deeper, more earthy, a bit vanilla, and a hint of fruits in later steepings. The taste is still strong, medium to full-bodied, and the aftertaste is expansive and lingering. A middle-aged pu-erh that has definitely shown plenty of aging progress; I can only hope it will develop more concentrated honey sweetness and more spiciness like cinnamon flavor, and mellow out the still strong tannins – then it will be a very interesting aged pu-erh.


Please note that some of the wrapping paper of the Puerh tea cakes might be torn because of many years of storage. 

However, we’ll try our best to pick the most intact Puerh cake for you and pack the tea cake nicely. If you can’t accept the condition described above about Puerh tea,  please choose our other tea selections. Thanks.

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