2005 Spring Yang-Ching Hao “Yi Wu Cha Wang” , 500g

2005 春 楊慶號 易武茶王 500克 青餅

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Just like Xi-Zhi Hao, our connection with Yang-Ching Hao started in 2005 with my search for premium pu-erh tea as our first daughter’s Nu Er Cha 女兒茶. The owner Yang-Ching Hao, Mr. Yang, sent us not only his tea samples but also photo albums that recorded his travel to Yunnan to produce Yang-Ching Hao. We were impressed by how attentive and meticulous his whole approach was. Both XZH and Yang-Ching Hao ended up as our Nu Er Cha selection, and both were offered on Hou De since 2005 with very positive feedback.

Our tasting in 2020: this is a very classic and fine Yi Wu tea that offers elegance, purity, a round, medium-bodied sweet sensation, fine balance in a nicely knit finish. It possesses the classic character of the famous earlier Yi Wu pu-erhs like 99 Green Big Tree. It still has a surprising amount of tannins that gives a good grip in structure and after taste – maybe our storage condition in Houston has been drier comparing to the typical “dry storage” in SE Asia, but you get a very clean and comfortable taste from it. Traditional Yi Wu tea is known to require a longer aging to develop more body and complexity due to the lighter kneading and lighter oxidization of the traditional Yi Wu way of tea-making – but, “good thing comes to those who wait” : )

See Yang-Ching Hao Harvesting Trip in 2005


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