2006 Autumn Chen-Guang-He Tang “Yi Wu Yeh Cha” Uncooked


2006 陳廣和堂 易武野茶

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2024 tasting note: Nothing can make a pu-erh fan happier and be more proud than to find out how well one of their collections has matured beautifully — and I had one such happiness today : ) The 2006 CGHT Yeh Cha presses all the right buttons: the liquor has turned to a more mature brownish-red color with great clarity (comparing to the picture of the liquor I took 2 years ago in the Gallery), the aroma has a pleasant warm honey sweetness with a touch of woody-spice in the background, the taste feels smooth and round with still a vivid “kick” from the tannins. Elegant, no harsh, yet potent. I am sure it can deliver more in the future, but at this moment it is already enjoyable as a great everyday pu-erh.

Please note that some of the wrapping paper of the Puerh tea cakes might be torn because of many years of storage. 

However, we’ll try our best to pick the most intact Puerh cake for you and pack the tea cake nicely. If you can’t accept the condition described above about Puerh tea,  please choose our other tea selections. Thanks.

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1oz Sample, Whole Cake


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