2006 Chung-Cha Ji-Shing Brand “QīngZàng Jing Cha” 250g


2006 中茶吉幸牌六面佛 青藏緊茶, 採用班章、布朗大葉原料, 真品塑膠牌錯印成 “古”幸牌!

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In 2006, this mushroom tou cha was produced to celebrate the establishment the 55th anniversary of the Chung Cha brand and was actually consecrated in a Buddhist temple. Qing refers to QingHai, and Zàng refers to Tibet. Not only its interesting background but what actually made into this tea is also great: it was made of raw tea leaves from the Ban Zhan and Bu Lang regions. What this tea has done very well is the overall balance: good amount of tannins to keep the structure strong, decent acidity to make the taste invigorating, and the aromas and flavors are like a candied and floral potpourri. Clean, refined, harmonious, and graceful and yet strong and energetic.

One thing that is also very interesting about this tea is that the purple plastic pendant wrongly printed the brand name Ji-Shing as “Gu”-Shing, and that actually became a clue to the authenticity of this 2006 mushroom.

Discussion on T4U forum regarding the “error” letter on the genuine 2006 Ching Zhang mushroom.

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