2006 Spring Xi-Zhi Hao Bu-Lang Classic Version Brick, 300g


2006 春 囍字號 古典版 布朗囍磚 300克

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From the yearbook of XZH, it describes this brick as from Bu-Lang Mountain natural ecological tea plantation. They only harvested in the way of one-bud-two-leaves. Bricks were made into 300g and 400g two versions. The wrapper also had two versions – classic XZH one and a modern one. The aroma is delicately floral and fruity, and the taste has decent tannins and thickness. It’s the kind of pu-erh that needs proper aging to enjoy.

Note: our offering is the Classic XZH version of 300g brick. From our tasting in 2020, this brick has transformed from the original description in XZH yearbook to a nicely concentrated tea that reveals purity, excellent rich floralness, good acidity, jammy texture, and still enough tannins to guarantee future aging potential.

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1oz Sample, Whole Brick


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