2006 Spring Xia Guan FT-series Bao-Yan Small Cake 125g


2006 3月 下關茶廠 飛台 寶焰小餅 125g/片

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Price is for each 125g small cake. The original package was 4 small cakes per pack, but all wrapping papers had become too crispy and crumbled.

Bao-Yan Brand has been traditionally Xia Guan Factory’s offering for the consumer market of Tibet, and “Bao (Holy) Yan (Flame)” has its intrinsic religious meaning behind it. We offered it on the Hou De before with the following description:

An exciting find of this popular Xian Guan Bao Yan small iron cake. The liquor color has started to turn a slight amber, very good clarity. The taste has a pleasant woody feeling, with a hint of floral aroma. Although I did detect a little smokiness in the first brew, it quickly dissipated from the second cups. It gives a quite full-bodied mouth feeling, and the aftertaste is intense. The rich woody feeling and the robust taste combine to give a very enjoyable and lasting drinking experience.

“FT (Fei Tai)” series started as a special-ordered product line by Xian Guan Factory for Taiwan’s Fei Tai Trading Co. in <strike>2005</strike> 2003. Due to its success, FT-series gradually become a not-so-special conventional product line from Xia Guan … The quality of this 2006 FT Bao Yan small cakes was quite good and we gladly acquired them and stored in Houston since 2007. In 2010, I tried the new FT Bao Yan small cake, not impressed.

From the moment I poured out its bright brownish liquor, I started to get excited. The aroma confirmed the significant transformation it has been through – very concentrated Xia Guan signature flavors of honey/floral and a slight smokiness, I would say it has changed to be less floral but more honey, and smokiness has largely reduced. A good amount of acidity, expansive, but much more round and balanced than when it was young. Aftertaste is saturated and robust. Also need to mention a good viscous feeling in its taste, silky texture. I would happily give it an A for its transformation!

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