2006 Taipei Tea Expo “Hong Tie (Red Iron Forever)” Small Cake, 100g


2006 台北茶博會 紅鐵恆久 紀念小餅 100g

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What a bold and stunning-looking small cake. 2006 Hong Tie had a regular size 357g version and this small 100g version. Both were made of the same mao cha.

2024 Tasting Note: A very interesting pu-erh with a big contrast in the aroma and in the taste. The aroma is pleasantly sweet (caramel-like, not the honey-like flavor of yiwu) with a concentrated and refreshing floral scant. But the taste is a little beast! Profound, expanding, and bitterness as the first impression. The liquor is thick and almost jelly, and the after-taste is loooong lasting. No smokiness. Beautiful cleanness in both the aroma and the taste. From how much it has transformed and what it has become, its aging potential deserves a very high expectation.

Here is a good article on the Hong Tie (Red Iron Forever) : original article in Chinese     Google Translation English

The tasting impression as described in this article is quite consistent with what I experienced:

the impact on the mouth is strong, but not astringent. It has a strong tea flavor, and has a strong sense of layering and richness in the mouth …

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