2006 Spring Xi-Zhi Hao “Nan Nuo Mountain – Ban Po Lao Zhai” , 400g


2006 春 囍字號 南糯山 半坡老寨

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See XZH 2006 Harvesting Trip in Nan Uo and Lao Ban Zhan

The cake made from the sun-dried raw leaves (available here) harvested in 2006 Spring. Even with the dry-storage condition in Taipei, the wrapper suffered some bug damage (hence the sale price) – but the cake inside is not affected.

From the yearbook of Xi-Zhi Ha on this tea. It describes the old tea plantation in Nan Nuo Mountain was largely (70%) covered by the rainforest, which frequently has moisture thick cloud cover hanging over. The tea made from leaves of this old plantation has a rich fruity flavor and a thick and satin-like (jelly) texture.


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1oz Sample, Whole Cake


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