2006 Spring Xi-Zhi Hao Lao Ban Zhan “Yin Yan Series” – Yin, 400g

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All Yin cakes were sold out. Samples still available.

See Xi-Zhi Hao’s 2006 Harvesting Trip in Lao Ban Zhan and Nan Nuo

In 2006, Xi-Zhi Hao introduced a new offering from Lao Ban Zhan – not just one, but a pair, with a very unique concept and beautiful wrapper design – the Yin Yan Series. The concept was – from the same Lao Ban Zhan old plantation that they first visited in 2005, this time separated the slope that was more exposed to the sun (thus more Yan) vs. the area that was more intermingled and partially shaded by the rainforest (thus more Yin). The Yan cakes, due to having more sunlight, tea trees grow faster and produce more leaf tips, and the tea expression was more floral-honey and more tannin thus a stronger taste. The Yin cakes, due to the complex rainforest environment and less direct sunlight, the taste is more subtle and smooth, with more spicy woodiness and underbrush aromas.

We were able to buy back more Yin cakes from a customer couple of years ago. At this time, our offering is the Yin cake as described in XZH’s yearbook below:


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