2007 “5th Intern’l Aged Puerh Appreciation” Memorial cake 400g


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Harvest/Production Year: 2006/2007

Manufacturer: Chang Tai Factory

Type: young green cake

Weight: 400g

Description: Blended by Mr. Huang Chuan-Fan of Jing Mei Tang and processed by Chang Tai, this cake was made of mao cha from Bulang, NanNuo and Ge-Lan-He area with a portion of 06 big-leaf mao cha from old plantations in NanNuo (to add the sweetness and yun, as Mr. Huang said). It is the official Memorial cake for our 5th International Aged Puerh Appreciation party! I was told that this cake will express a different face of young pu-erh from his highly successful 2006 Taipei Tea Expo Memorial series. What’s different?

(2006 Tasting Note): From the first sniff and sip, it forecasted a trait that I don’t usually experience with Chang Tai offerings and Mr. Huang’s 2006 Taipei series: the first cup had a robust, saturated, and rather dry taste, together with a good amount of smokiness in the otherwise woody aroma. I was worried about the smokiness, but found it quickly disappeared in the mouth and smartly brought out a solid yun in the throat. I was expecting some harshness from such a robust/heavy cup but again surprised by how round the liquor was.

The second cup is more balanced. But indeed before I took my second cup, I already felt the gan and yun in the aftertaste from the first cup. Less smoky and more floral, the second cup remains a solid taste. After several more cups, I realized that while the 2006 Taipei Expo cake was fantastic in its aromatic and refined appearance and had a thick consistency, this “Dragon” memorial cake rather focus on the robust and heavy taste with an exceptional yun and aftertaste.


Please note that some of the wrapping paper of the Puerh tea cakes might be torn because of many years of storage. 

However, we’ll try our best to pick the most intact Puerh cake for you and pack the tea cake nicely. If you can’t accept the condition described above about Puerh tea,  please choose our other tea selections. Thanks.

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