2007 Spring Xi-Zi Hao Big Snow Mountain in Feng Qing “Dian Gu”, 450 g


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2024 Update: XZH 2007 Dian Gu 200g version retail price in Taiwan (NTD$15,800 is about USD$503)  – the version we offer @ Hou De is the 450g cake! But I totally agree with the vendor’s evaluation of the 2007 Dian Gu: simply un-imaginable and impressive! Too bad I did try several later Dian Gu from XZH, and none were as great.

Our connection to Xi-Zhi Hao started in early 2005 when we were looking for premium pu-erhs to save for our first daughter as Nu Er Cha 女兒茶 (Daughter’s Tea). The 2005 XZH Lao Ban Zhan won our heart easily – and kicked off our relationship with XZH. In 2007, I received a tea sample from XZH that was sooo amazingly unique and good – so good that I wished I had another daughter born in 2007 : ) Mr. Chen, the owner of XZH, mentioned this tea was like “pu-erh fruit tea”. He described a profound peach-like fruitiness in its aroma, which to me it was more apple-like. Astoundingly big fat hairy juicy leaves, together with never-encountered fruitiness and all the layers and complexity you can wish from a pu-erh – if these are not enough, 2007 marked the first XZH production from this pristine old and remote forest and hefty 450g cake!

In Xi-Zhi Hao’s yearbook, it gives important information about this unique 2007 offering as below. It emphasized the uniqueness of the tea tree cultivar – I believe it was due to the terroir and sexual reproduction in the ancient forest :

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