2015 Buddha’s Hand Oolong, Hand-Harvested and Medium-Roasted


2015 春 中度烘培 台灣佛手烏龍

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Budda’s Hand is a unique and very old cultivar of a large-leaf tea tree (also named Xian Yuan ) that originated in Wu-yi of Fujian Province, China. It was introduced to Taiwan but never became as popular as other cultivars like Chin-Shin or Jian-Xuan due to the fact it is not as “productive” and its flavors require more processing (oxidation and roasting) to convert its “tacky” high fragrance (if you have tried those green Anxi Tie Guan Yin you know what I mean).

The harshness that came from the roasting step has been substantially tamed after 9-year storage. It allows the luxurious ripe-fruity aroma (reminds me of GABA oolong!) to come forward while still maintaining a solid texture and complexity due to the skillful roasting. Liquor has a beautiful amber color with great clarity. The big juicy leaves have a lot to produce, cup after cup.

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