2015 Taiwan “Shui Sa Lian” Black Tea, Hand-Harvested 2oz


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Harvest: 2015

Method: Hand harvest

Location: Shui Sa Lian, Nan Tou, Taiwan

Description: Our popular Shui Sa Lian’s black tea is back. The batch of this year sees improvement in leave kneading method, so each stripe is tightly rolled and curled with healthy black sheen on it.

Shui Sa Lian is the place that has the earliest record of tea-harvesting activity in Taiwan, tracing back to mid Qing dynasty. During WWII, Japanese found the tea trees in Shui Sa Lian made an exceptional black tea and it soon became the favorite of their Royal family.

Richly malty-sweet aroma that has the impression of the fragrance of honey. A touch of flowery scent refines the aroma. Taste is superbly smooth with a thick, warm and silky consistency. Rich body with enough structure and complexity to be served in gong-fu style. This is truly an exceptional black tea that can be enjoyed on its own without decoration of milk or sugar.


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