2017 Winter “Premium” Pin-Lin Bao Zhong, Hand-Harvested 2oz


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2017 Winter “Premium” Pin-Lin Bao Zhong, Hand-Harvested

Harvest: 2017 Winter

Method: Hand harvest

Location: Pin Lin, Taipei, Taiwan

Cultivar : Chin Shin



This year’s Bao Zhong is from a small tea farm in Pin Lin that has been known by the circle of Taipei’s tea connoisseurs for years.

The premium grade bao zhong has a wholesome and refined appearance of leaves, with healthy dark-green sheen. The liquor is light-golden with an excellent clarity.

The aroma, just like its liquor, has a very delightful and clean expression: a bouquet of delicate yet flavorful aromas of orchidy blossoms, elegant rose water, and in later brewings a touch of lemony scents.

The taste and aroma are light- to medium-bodied, but expressive and concentrated. Nice liquor consistency with a silky texture. A very refined and delicate luxury!

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