80’s Large-leaves (Da Yeh) Cooked Loose Puerh 2oz


80年代 大葉棗香散茶

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Harvest Year: 80’s

Production Year:80’s

Type: Cooked Loose

Description: This is a very exciting aged loose pu-erh that is getting rare and rare. It’s proper name in Chinese is Tso Xian (date fragrance) Da Yeh (large leaves) Pu-erh. Just as its name implies, the fragrance of the tea is richly ripe fruity with a hint of camphor, minty coolness. Taste is deep and mellow, not strong. I found the best fragrance/taste only come from the 2nd steeping and going on for several more steepings – as the 1st steeping is more like a wakening call to it. Multi-layered and complex.

Each order is one 2oz pack of loose puerh

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in


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