Early 90’s Xia Guan Cooked Brick, 250g


90年代早期 下關 短厂版 橫紋薄紙 熟磚

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Please read our Blog for vintage identification on this brick.

The aroma is richly warm, sweet, and decorated with hints of spicy wood. The earth undertone, typical of cooked pu-erh, is firm but not overwhelming. Those early cooked pu-erhs were usually of the lightly cooked kind, and therefore the product was not “finished” and left some room for improvement through ageing. Complex flavors and aroma, with sweet and round taste. Very durable tea, just keep producing cups after cups!

Although we have acquired and stored them in Houston since 2006, it is obvious they had been through traditional style storage in HK or Taiwan. In addition, the silver fish have definitely enjoyed those natural bamboo-fiber wrappers.

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20g sample, Whole brick


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