Very Aged Taiwan Nantou Oolong, Traditional Wood-Fired, 2oz


20年陳 台灣南投 手採傳統炭培烏龍 梅香 !

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The aged oolong was brought back from my visit to Nan Tou 南投 tea plantation in 2006 – and on the earthen jar it already marked as Aged Oolong. So by now in 2020 it is probably around 20 years old at least. It ( actually two jars I brought back) has sit quietly on the top shelf in the tea warehouse, and I almost forgot its existence.

The tea was originally hand-harvested and heavy-roasted in the traditional wood-fired way. The tea looks dark brownish with an almost oily sheen on the surface. Very beautiful.

And it was so yummy that I kept drinking it until the 4th steeping, and I remembered to take a picture of the liquor. With great warmth and a silky texture, each steeping gave a different expression – from a more full-bodied, ripe fruit and toasty aromas, to the best show starting from the 3rd steeping in which the taste became medium-bodied and a mesmerizing Plum fruit flavor appeared. What a very warm, soothing and deeply complex oolong!





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