1997 Meng Hai “Shui Lan Yin” Water-Blue Stamp, Uncooked


1997 勐海茶廠 純乾倉 水藍印 青餅

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97 Shui Lan Yin is our first attempt to introduce extra heavyweight and rare aged pu-erhs from our collections. As one of the most discussed and searched ’90s pu-erhs, Shui Lan Yin gained its status due to the same four factors as we discussed in 99 Green Big Tree:

  1. Premium quality (the most representative “Dry-Storage” pu-erh after 88-Ching beeng)
  2. Produced by a highly-respected, big-name factory (here, Meng Hai factory)
  3. Very limited quantity – and shrinking
  4. Very easy to recognize (unique Blue-Water colored center “Cha” stamp, very thin paper)

2019 14th L&H Pu-erh Auction in Hong Kong – 97 Shui Lan Yin

As shown in the “Profound World of Chi Tse 1950-2004”:

Tasting this Shui Lan Yin is experiencing the epitome of the aroma, elegance and depth of what a premium aged pu-erh can offer. While Shui Lan Yin was made following the “7542” recipe by Meng Hai Ta Factory, its overall appearance looks “cleaner” than the regular 7542 of the ’90s. It did show the extra care in leaves selection, sifting, and shape forming.

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15g Sample, Whole Cake


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